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Breakthrough Technology now available to Matrix Practitioners

In previous years, Matrix Repatterning (MR) was taught using an assessment process that involved the use of the electrical field produced by the hand, and later the use of instrumentation, to help normalize injury sites (primary restrictions), which in turn, caused a measurable reduction in tissue tension.  This “indicator” response is the basis of locating the areas of the body requiring treatment using MR procedures.

Recent advances in PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices and portability, have allowed us the opportunity to provide a much more effective system, which not only provides a reliable assessment tool, but also produces a therapeutic electromagnetic field capable of dramatically improving clinical outcomes.
The MatrixPulse™, is a true PEMF treatment device, specifically-designed for Matrix practitioners, using technology developed for NASA by Dr. Robert Dennis.  This is a very easy-to-use portable device, that we feel will greatly enhance the Matrix Practitioner’s ability to locate and treat primary restrictions, and thus improve clinical outcomes and patient confidence.  It produces a significant magnetic field (up to 200 gauss), and is therefore able to normalize tissue very effectively.  These features make it eminently applicable for use as a scanning and treatment device as part of the Matrix Repatterning treatment program

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