Concussion and Headaches

In his bestselling book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, Dr. Norman Doidge refers to Matrix Repatterning as an important “first intervention” in the treatment of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  After reviewing many remarkable recoveries using this form of treatment, Dr. Doidge makes the following comments:

“I view it as prudent to have a Matrix assessment after a blow to the head…

Observing such cases has led me to hope that one day Matrix Repatterning will be routinely applied in hospital emergency departments.”

– Dr. Norman doidge

Head injury, which may or may not have been identified as a concussion, can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including headache, tinnitus (a sensation of ringing in the ears), noise and light sensitivity, visual disturbance, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, sleep disorders and many others.

By correcting the bone changes to the head and neck, verified by Dr. Doidge and others as a breakthrough approach, a Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner (CMRP) can help support recovery from this debilitating condition.

To find out more about how Matrix Repatterning can help you recover from the effects of concussion and many other conditions, contact us or go to the ‘Find a Practitioner’ section of this website, to locate a CMRP in your area.