Is Knee Pain Keeping You Out of the Game?

If knee pain is preventing you from enjoying activities such as sports, simply going for walks, or climbing the stairs comfortably, you may be interested in a new perspective. It is estimated that knee pain affects approximately 20% of adults.

Conventional treatments may include anti-inflammatory medication and their many unwanted side-effects, physical therapy, orthopedic braces and ultimately, surgery. Surgeries in the millions per year. These include ligament and meniscus repair and total knee replacement. Surgery does not have a great track record for long-term benefit and can lead to many complications.

If you check your own knees, you might be surprised to find that there is a significant difference in the size of bones on one side compared to the other. This is something that the developer of Matrix Repatterning discovered in the mid-1970’s and has been confirmed by recent research. These bone changes, caused by common injuries, such as falls on the knee, can create stress on the delicate soft tissues of the knee joint. Along with other injuries, which can cause the knee to lose stability, the degenerative changes to this joint are almost inevitable.

Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners (CMRPs) are trained to precisely assess and successfully treat many of the factors that can cause the degenerative changes that lead to arthritis of the knee and a lifelong battle with pain. In fact, many individuals, using these approaches, have been able to avoid surgery and get off certain medications, which can have many unwanted side-effects.

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