Practitioner Success Stories

Success Stories

I used to treat a former NFL linebacker with a bad low back, and I had to adjust him weekly to keep him going. Once I cleared his problem with Matrix he stopped having problems with his low back. I had not treated him for 7 years. Yesterday he came back with what appeared to be a herniated disk in his neck. Symptoms were pain, weakness, and paresthesia in his arm. Impressively, he has not had any low back problems in the intervening 7 years. The major issue was in his femur. He said “oh yeah, I’ve had problems in that knee.” I treated the femur, and his arm instantly improved. Only with Matrix Repatterning!

Dr. Allen Berger D.C., CMRP

I’ve never enjoyed a course as much as yours. You will be happy to know that I’m already doing more Matrix Repatterning than acupuncture and massage and that a few doctors, nurses and naturopaths have heard about the results I’m getting using your techniques and are referring to me. I feel an immense measure of satisfaction as a practitioner and am glad I took the course.

Rhonda King, RMT

You were right. It is impossible to look at the body the same way as before. I had a full schedule today and tried Matrix Repatterning on about 80% of my patients. It was great. I saw some very exciting and immediate changes: people remembering old injuries, structural changes instantly and the overall feedback from patients was excellent. I haven’t been this excited about a technique in a long time. I feel I can take my work to a much deeper level with MR. It is the best approach I have ever seen. Thank you, Dr. Roth for your insight and willingness to share your passion.

Dr. Ron Andelora,Phoenix, Arizona

From the bottom of my heart…Thank-you for instruction in Matrix Repatterning.  I am using it on my patients and the results are staggering. Thank-you, thank-you!

Bretta Fabian P.T.,Wellsboro, PA

My practice is based on seeing patients who have not achieved success with traditional treatment, and often come to see me as a last resort. I have been using Matrix Repatterning for 4 years on a variety of diagnoses: from sports injuries to painful joints and chronic pain. I have been very excited about the results, seeing significant functional improvement and pain reduction in just a few visits. I encourage my colleagues and the public to look into this breakthrough program.

Debora Hickman MS PT,Doctor of Physical Therapy

These seminars have changed my whole practice from a frustrated one to a very satisfying one. They are the ultimate seminars for pain management of the total body effects of trauma. They are a must for all practitioners dealing with myofascial problems. Thank you for making me a better doctor!

Dr. Diane Meunier,Montreal, Quebec

Clinically speaking, I think Dr. Roth’s Matrix Repatterning® is the most powerful and practical technique for priority evaluation and treatment that I have encountered. Patients love it.

Dr. Al Hanslick,Newark, New York

As a new practitioner, Dr. Roth’s seminars have provided me with advanced tools for helping my patients, and a broadened perception of human structure, beyond what I was taught in school. Difficult and chronic cases become much more clear-cut and easy to tackle, using these techniques.

Dr. Barbara Brown,Toronto, Ontario

Dr. George Roth is in the forefront of the soft tissue world. His work represents a new dimension in the evaluation and treatment of structural disorders. Matrix Repatterning® offers your most difficult, chronic patients real hope. After taking his course, I had a new awareness of causation, evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Warren HammerNorwalk, ConnecticutAuthor: Functional Soft Tissue Examinationand Treatment by Manual Methods

Matrix Repatterning is a rational logical jewel of a technique with reproducible results.   The system of assessment is uniquely logical, clear and step-by-step.   The results include increased range of motion and reduction of pain.  The technique is easy on the client and the therapist.  This is a wonderful addition to any RMT’s repertoire.

Fiona Rattray RMTLinda Ludwig RMTAuthors “Clinical Massage Therapy”

We would like to sincerely thank you for introducing us to the amazing world of ‘Matrix Repatterning®’. In each of our 33 years of experience and numerous courses in various facets of clinical physical therapy practice, all of our previous training is eclipsed by the concepts learned in your seminars. We are now beginning to see our patients and their ailments in an entirely different light and are already achieving amazing results in just one or two treatment sessions. Our patients feel that we ‘walk on water’. We wish that all practitioners would be exposed to and expand their clinical skills, using these concepts. Again, we are grateful for the knowledge and the skills that you imparted to us in such an effective manner.

Subhash Dighe, P.T. & Jai Dighe, P.T.,West-End Physiotherapy Clinic,Hamilton, Ontario

Matrix Repatterning® is an incredible class. Dr. Roth has reframed and made useable, advanced methods of manual medicine. This work makes cranial, visceral and intraosseous manipulation practical for a busy practice. It uses objective indicators and reality checks and looks beyond the symptoms to underlying causes. Thank you, Dr. Roth, for an amazing seminar experience, which has already transformed my practice.

Dr. Marc Heller,Ashland, Oregon

Thank you for bringing Matrix Repatterning® to the states. It was an extraordinary class that has changed my approach to patients from an evaluation and treatment standpoint. The class was structured so that I could immediately apply the principles and techniques. I love the format of Matrix Repatterning® I, since it was divided into simple blocks of information that were logical and easy to remember.

The format optimized learning through practical application with adequate time for practice and feedback. I tend to learn kinesthetically, so I found the practice time invaluable. Just having the feedback regarding adequate pressure versus too much pressure, made all the difference in applying the theory and obtaining effective results. I felt that by the end of the weekend, I had enough of the basic skill level and knowledge base that allow me to utilize and further refine my skills once I got back to the clinic.

It was so nice to return to the clinic on Monday morning with a concrete structural model to explain the principles of manual therapy. The bibliography provides the basis for increasing an understanding of what we are trying to accomplish in physical therapy to referring physicians, whom traditionally view physical therapy as only exercise and modalities. Opening this avenue of communication proves very promising.

The class demonstrated how important it was to use reality check, objective measurements, both for the practitioner and the patient. The kinesthetic and range of motion changes prove that you are making effective changes or that you missed something. This immediate feedback facilitates the opportunity for patient and therapist education.

The concept of tensegrity is amazing. I started using it immediately with every patient. It has been so instrumental in helping filter out extensive symptoms and decades of restrictions in my patient population, while zeroing in on the priority restrictions. I am so grateful for the opportunity of taking this class and look forward to MR II. Thank you.

Terry Allen, P.T.St. Louis, MO

I have to tell you that in the three days I have been using the Matrix Repatterning® procedures you taught at the seminar that the results have been nothing short of astounding. I have used it primarily on people with longstanding problems, usually auto accident residuals. I have usually done the procedures you taught by themselves and avoided mixing other methods for clarity in evaluating the efficacy. Patients have reported instantaneous relief, often quite profound, and usually much to their surprise. I have a patient who I successfully treated about a year ago for chronic headaches and neck pain. She told me about her 80-year-old mother who lives in Salt Lake City and has severe low back and leg problems and some arm/shoulder complaints. She said the mother had been everywhere, to the best people in her area with no help. I suggested she have her fly up here for a couple of weeks and I would try to help her. Yesterday she brought the mother in. Now, the mother had to be helped out of the waiting room chair to come back to the exam room and hobbled to the treatment table. I did the Matrix evaluation while the daughter watched from a chair. I noticed that she seemed concerned. Pretty soon she was at the mother’s side holding her hand as I worked on her, giving me a funny look, and asking if the mother was OK. The mother replied that of course she was OK. I told the mother her daughter was wondering what she had gotten her in for since she had never seen the procedures I was using and they were nothing like what she expected I would be doing. So, I finish with mom and had her sit while I treated the daughter with the methods I had used with her last year. As I was finished with both of these ladies the daughter told her mom to get up and they would leave, still giving me a funny look. The mother virtually jumped out of the chair and briskly walked to the door. The daughter says, “Mom, what are you doing?”, her jaw dropping nearly to the floor. Now she didn’t look so skeptical.

Thanks for giving me a powerful new way of looking at the patients I work with. Looking forward to your next seminar.

Fraternally,Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.Hermiston, OR

Matrix Repatterning® is awesome! I use it everyday and am getting excellent results. I am amazed how reliable and consistently reproducible this technique is. I can honestly say that Tensegrity has changed the lives of my patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions as well as reduced the healing times of my acute care patients involved in motor vehicle accidents, worker’s comp injuries and sport injuries. If you want to treat the source of a problem and correct it, then use Matrix Repatterning®.

Dr. Craig Storck,Olathe, KS

I am so impressed with Matrix Repatterning®, I can’t believe my eyes!!! I have decided to switch to doing it instead. Now that I have a method for analyzing the body as one continuous sheet of fabric instead of separate parts I just can’t go back to the old way with a clear conscience. I am totally amazed at what I am finding and at the results!!! I am thrilled to be doing this new method and my patients are astounded as well!!! A few are a little upset and disappointed because they are retracing and feel worse for one or two treatments…but when they come out the other side…its a brand new day!!! Because I did DNFT for the past 10 years…I already looked at the body as 3D…so applying MR is a natural progression for me. What is astounding is how the indicator directs me with such accuracy! Shoot, its like catching fish in a fish market!! I am so grateful to you and I look forward to learning more…Wishing you all the best !!!

Julia Lewis, D.C.San Jose, CA

Comments from a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon

The idea that any internal part of the body communicates with its other parts through a mechanical linkage has been an evolving concept discussed since the early 1980s. More recently, at a meeting at the University of Paris in 2000, Mechano-Transduction, and at a meeting at the National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. in 2001, Force Transduction, leading researchers from different disciplines in science concluded that information transfer within the body occurs by means of mechanical forces as well as the usually recognized neurological and biochemical systems. Forces mechanically transfer instantly at the cellular, tissue and organism level, through the mechanical system itself. It apparently works something like a wire-spoke bicycle wheel. Tightening or loosening one spoke immediately affects the tension of the hub, the other spokes and the rim. Some of the researchers, myself included, feel that there is a systemic organization that links the mechanical structures which has become known as the tensegrity system after the model described by R. Buckminster Fuller and Kenneth Snelson.Dr. George Roth has taken this new scientific realization and found a clinical application in Matrix Repatterning. Through an easily learned method of finding what appears to be the primary restrictive lesion, the ‘indicator’, he is able to unlock a mechanical barrier in the musculoskeletal system and connect into other systems that interface with it. I have seen it in action and experienced it myself. It works. This new clinical application, based on sound, scientific principles, promises to be a significant addition to the clinicians’ armamentarium.

Stephen M. Levin, M.D.Director. Potomac Back CenterVienna, VirginiaFormerly:Associate Clinical ProfessorMichigan State University, College of Osteopathic MedicineAssistant Clinical Professor, Howard University College of Medicine