Success Stories

Concussion and Vertigo

Watch Sandra’s life changing story about overcoming extreme post concussion symptoms including vertigo, anxiety and depression.


I thought, before I discovered Matrix Repatterning, that this was going to be my new reality. I thought that I am never going to be able to go back to work again. And it was a difficult time in my life. Matrix Repatterning brought me to that next level where I am back to normal, I got my life back, I can work, I can do all of the activities that I so love doing


Migraine Headaches

Watch Kelsi’s empowering story about over coming a life dominated my daily headaches.

“It has been revolutionary and given me back that great feeling. Way less tired, way more energy and just zero pain which I have never had before.”


Fibromylgia and MVA

Watch Morgan’s emotional story of reclaiming her joy for life and eliminating pain from a lifetime of impact injuries and fibromyalgia. 

“So much of my pain was cleared so quickly and it continues to be gone. It doesn’t come back.”


140 KM/H Car Crash

P.J. Groenke is a champion race car driver. He shares the highs and lows of being an extreme athlete and how Matrix Repatterning plays a role in his life and career.

“I didn’t know how bad I was until I got fixed. Through Matrix Repatterning my recurring injuries are completely gone.”


Snowboarding Injuries Resolved

Matrix Repatterning has helped me recover from many sports injuries over the years. These treatments have helped me stay competitive and in top form, so that I was able to become an Olympic Snowboarder.

Snowboarding is a dangerous sport and while training for the Turin 2006 Olympics, I bailed big time while landing a spin, smashing my head on the bottom of the pipe, cracking my safety helmet and cutting my nose. After that, while training in Lake Placid for the World Cup, I came down on the edge of the Halfpipe, hitting both arms as I went down, and dislocating my shoulder in the process.

With my shoulder barely functioning, and my balance and coordination thrown off due to the concussion suffered in Turin, I contacted my Matrix Repatterning practitioner, and flew back to Toronto for some emergency care. I had less than 30% movement in my shoulder and a lot of pain. After one session, I have over 70% movement with no pain, and my head and neck are back in balance.

Being on the Olympic team I had to go to the British Olympic Association medical center, under team instructions, but I always get the best results with Matrix Repatterning.

Kate Foster
Olympic Snowboarder

Dancing Again

As a dance teacher I commonly have various issues that arise in the way of pain etc. I have visited many different professionals over the years, and although they have all been helpful, none have had the same lasting effect as Matrix Repatterning. I was treated over approximately 5 visits, and the issue I was having with my hip has not returned. I would highly recommend Matrix Repatterning to others.

Stephanie Pilley-Correia
Vision Dance Academy
Newmarket, ON

Truly Unbelievable Results

I am a 41-year-old self-employed person, who enjoys playing many different sports. However, I experience loads of ankle, knee, back, neck, toe and arm problems. Matrix was a god-sent gift to me, restoring not only my chronic pains, but any acute injuries that have occurred since I began treatment. I have tried many things in life such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. The results were mixed, and my problems always seemed to reoccur. With just a few visits with Matrix Repatterning, I can honestly say that it is light-years ahead of all these practices. The results have been immediate and permanent. Truly unbelievable results!

The issues and concerns that led me to seek Matrix Repatterning include the following:

  • A sprained jammed wrist, which was fixed in less than 10 minutes
  • A badly strained back, which was fixed in a few sessions
  • Tennis elbow, which was fixed in a couple of sessions
  • Chronic knee problems, which were fixed in 3 or 4 sessions
  • My large toes were unable to move, making walking or running impossible. I had been treating this problem with other methods for 8 years but at the Matrix Solutions it was fixed within 3 or 4 sessions including laser treatments

Walking used to seem like a very painful chore, but now all the pain is gone. My back and neck problems have been completely healed after enduring 20 years of off-and-on again problems. Matrix has given me a great understanding of how restrictions of energy flow in your body lead to pain in other parts. Matrix Repatterning has made me very optimistic for the future!

Marco Bortolussi
King City, ON

Third Knee Replacement Avoided

This patient suffered a severe injury to his right knee, during a motor vehicle collision, in which his knee struck the dash, completely rupturing his patellar tendon. Subsequently, his knee deteriorated and became severely and constantly painful for over 30 years. The following is a copy of his letter to his orthopedic surgeon:

Dear Dr. G,

As you are aware, I had a TKR [total knee replacement] in January 2003 by Dr. R. which, over a period of several months, became quite troublesome. He, at the time, did not have any answers for me to gain any relief so I pursued several surgeons along with a trip to the Mayo Clinic, but all to no avail. I finally got referred to yourself, and after examination it was determined that a “revision” was in order and was completed by yourself and your team on October 31, 2005. After several follow-up exams at your clinic the constant, nagging pain persisted with no alternatives but to attend a Pain Clinic.

I was then introduced to Matrix Repatterning and had my first examination and treatment in May ’07. I will only say that after 1 visit I briskly walked out of the exam room, and for the first time in a very long time, without the pain that has plagued me for all these [33] years. My condition, after several treatments, has improved dramatically to the point that I walk pain free and golf as often as the budget allows.

David G.

A Golfer Improves

I developed knee, hip and low back pain and stiffness, due to several falls and sports injuries in my youth, which used to interfere with my golf game.  I would be in pain after only 1 round, and I knew that I was not hitting the ball as well as I could.  After 4 sessions of Matrix Repatterning, I can turn more fully through my hips, and now I hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before.  I have improved to the point that I can play 2 full rounds in a day with absolutely no pain!”

George H,
CEO, Ontario Lung Association

Headaches Be Gone

I first contacted a matrix repatterning practitioner after several months of suffering from severe headaches. I had visited hospitals and doctors who performed a number of tests including CAT scans and spinal taps to try and determine the cause for my headaches, nobody however was able to find the root of my problem.

Within the first 30 minutes of my visit with my practitioner, he indicated that he had a fairly good idea what was causing my headaches and that he would start treatment right away. I walked into that office with a headache and walked out headache free. It has been about 3 months since that first visit, and I am happy to say that I have not suffered from a single headache since.

To my surprise, the practitioner also located and treated some problem areas I thought I would live the rest of my life with. Since the age of 16 (I am 30 now), I have visited chiropractors for a problem with my lower back and right hip. The treatment I received would sometimes make the pain disappear for a short period of time, however the pain would always return. Since receiving matrix repatterning however, I have not experienced any pain or discomfort in my back or hip, and I feel my posture has been corrected as a result. 

I will continue to refer this treatment to family, friends, and any other person I come into contact with. Again, I am thankful for this life-altering treatment.

Ivan Rapa

Last year I had 85 games of golf...

My name is Dr. Al Jones and I have been a Dentist in Oshawa for 37 years. I am 65 years old and my true passions in life are golf and skiing. I was unable to golf or ski about two years ago because of numerous health problems but mostly degenerative lumbar disk disease.

I was then introduced to Matrix Repatterning by a skiing buddy and after four or five treatments, I was back on the ski hill and on the golf course. Last year I had 85 games of golf and skied over 600,000 vertical feet. I receive treatment now about every 3 months for tune up visits and feel a lot better.

All that I can say is thanks. Matrix Repatterning has made my life meaningful again.

Dr. Al Jones

Enjoying Our Golden Years

Thank you so much for developing the Matrix Repatterning procedure, which has alleviated a lot of pain and suffering for us both. We have spent needless years experiencing reoccurring back pain, hiatal hernia problems (gastro-esophageal reflux), migraine headaches, as well as dropped bladder discomfort and prostate-related issues.

These procedures, in a few gentle treatments, have resolved these problems and others, too numerous to mention. We can now get on with enjoying our life in our “golden years”.

William and Lorraine P

Dancing Again!

I am a 59-year-old woman who has been active in sports and dancing all my life. Dancing especially has been a real passion with me and having to give it up is an unthinkable option. However, over the past eight years it has been increasingly difficult to dance without pain.

I went to my GP, who sent me to a rheumatologist, who X-rayed me. He diagnosed me with advanced degenerative disc disease in the bottom segment of my spine, and advanced osteoarthritis in both hips. That diagnosis has been confirmed by an orthopedic surgeon, who suggested that my left hip was an immediate candidate for hip replacement, the right hip was not far behind, and my lower spine should be fused.

It was at this point that I was referred for a new method of treatment called Matrix Repatterning®, which is so gentle and yet so effective in relieving most of my pain. It has corrected old injury patterns in my body, which have contributed to excessive wear and tear in certain joints. I can honestly say that after four treatments, I feel I will never need surgery. I have been able to stop taking anti-inflammatory medication and I am dancing again.

I will never stop being grateful for Matrix Repatterning.

Linda B.,
Toronto, Canada

Frozen shoulder now pain free

Over the past eleven months, I have experienced excruciating pain and restricted mobility due to a frozen shoulder. After spending a great deal of time and money on treatments that included chiropractic, infrared treatment, acupuncture and physiotherapy, I decided to schedule an appointment with a Matrix Repatterning practitioner.

After only a few treatments I am very satisfied with the healing that has occurred. I am now pain free with only a slight motion restriction. I highly recommend Matrix Repatterning® to other sufferers of frozen shoulder.

Louise U.,
Brampton, Ontario

Matrix Repatterning delivers!

I wanted to take time to comment on how Matrix Repatterning® has affected my performance as an athlete and in rejuvenating my athletic career.

My name is Mark Cunningham, and I am a decathlete. I have been training full time for the last seven plus years, at the elite level. Unfortunately, over that period I experienced a string of injuries at the worst times. I had knee surgery in 1995 and in 1998. I also had low back problems in the early part of my career that needed constant attention or else it would flair up. As I began to run faster and faster my hamstrings began to strain just at the times I was feeling my best. I thought that this was all part of training at the elite level.

I was pushing the envelope in regard to the capacity of my body. This story is very similar to so many other athletes I know. My frustration and determination combined made me search all kinds of treatment methods from the conventional to the unconventional. I used massage therapy, chiropractic, ART, ultrasound and muscle stimulation. Some of these worked to varying degrees, but none provided the solution for me. Just when I thought I was healthy I would pull something again in a different place. I was at my wit’s end. I was training for the Olympic trials and all was going well until I strained my hamstring right before my first meet. I had it treated and competed anyway, and it strained again. It looked like I was cursed to never be healthy enough to deliver in a full decathlon because my body would break down.

I was then fortunate enough to meet a matrix repatterning practitioner, who began to work with me in the spring of the 2000 track season. In one session I noticed significant changes, and so did my coach, who noticed an improvement not just in my health but also in my stride, which was freer than ever before.

I decided to continue with further treatments with him and soon all my little ailments that I had learned to live with, were going away, and most importantly, were not coming back. I did not get to for more treatment in time to salvage the 2000 season, but after going to him over a period of a few months, I can honestly say that my body is in the best shape structurally to handle a heavy training regimen, than it has been since I was a teenager. My body is now in symmetry and balance.

I now recognize how all the other therapies were trying to bring things back in balance, but that something deeper would pull it out of balance again within a short period of time or with strenuous activity. Matrix Repatterning® has restored my whole body structure – muscles, ligaments, joints and bones – so that I no longer need the time consuming therapies as maintenance. I can just go and train and do basic recovery, and I am ready to go again.

I am a strong advocate of Matrix Repatterning® and I whole-heartedly endorse it for everybody. It makes a lot of sense once it is understood. I know that every training room and major pro team will be using Matrix Repatterning® in the future because it works better than anything out there, and as athletes, we are results driven. Matrix Repatterning® delivers!

Mark Cunningham
Santa Barbara, CA

Sports Injury

Injuries are a common occurrence in my sport. Matrix Repatterning® treatments get me back in the picture without missing valuable training and competition. I can feel the beneficial effects of treatment immediately and I am confident that my body can remain in the best possible condition despite the punishment I put it through.

James Foster,
Professional Snowboarder,
Tignes, France